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Drew's Off Road and Performance is host to a full service machine shop complete with all the tooling needed to do most anything on a vehicle. From simple machine work to complete engine block finishing, and everything in between, you can count on Drew's to do it right and get it done fast. Click images for larger view.

A couple high performance motors sit after assembly, waiting to be installed.

Block Bore :
(click to enlarge)
Here at Drews we use 3 axis digital readout and three step cut to bore every block, a piston relief cut, cylinder clearance and deck the surface where the cylinder sits for a leak free perferct fit. This style leaves the maxium meat in the block so it is less likely to crack, in fact we have never seen a block machined by us crack in the cylinder spigot! No need to weld behind #3 cylinder.  90.5, 92, 94 and 96.5mm bores available with any depth decking. Custom machining always available!    Bore and deck complete block up tp 94mm $55.00. Call for other quotes.

Line Bore :
(click to enlarge)
The heavy duty, precision ROTTLER aline bore machine cuts the main bearing saddles and thrust surface to a new size and alines them for a "new" bearing surface for years of trouble free use. No hand held tools here, just one machine, one job, great results. We stock all sizes of bearings to match your case and crank at the right price. Type 4 bore sizes no problem, center only or all. Line bore and thrust cut block, $75.00, call for type 4 sizes.

Case Save :
(click to enlarge)
Your case can be "casesaved" by Drews to make the problem of stripped head studs a thing of the past........many sizes available with the 12mm O.D. x 8mm I.D. the standard for use. Needed for boring to 94mm. Uses 8mm head stud kit, just like the late style factory blocks. $45.00 for complete block plus casesavers.

Clearance Camshaft :
(click to enlarge)
Machining the cam is needed on large stroker engines, usually over 82mm, to clear the rods and complete the clearancing process. Drews can cut the cam for maximum strength and still clear the crank/rods. $28.00 per camshaft.

Cut For Dual Springs :
(click to enlarge)
Dual valve springs are needed for aggressive cams and hi ratio rocker arms or when maximum horsepower and RPM is wanted. A simple machine operation is all that is needed to make your heads dual spring ready. Chevy style, K-motion and exotic spring styles can be accommodated. Drews can help you match a good combination for your needs.  Cut pair of heads for dual vw springs, no disassembly or reassembly, $25.00.

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